May 28, 2021

Bucks' Boxes Tabletop Gaming Reviews: The Mind

Bucks' Boxes Tabletop Gaming Reviews: The Mind





The tension is electric.

Nobody speaks.

They can't. It's not allowed here.

Looks are exchanged. Eyebrows are raised.

Frowns furrow foreheads.

Brains strain to try to ascertain the answer to the only question that matters;


Someone decides to leap into the void.

Will they succeed and create an almost overwhelming sense of euphoria or will they destroy everything?

Welcome the The Mind.

At once the simplest and the most involving game I've ever played.

A deck of cards numbered 1 to 100. That's it.

Players must play cards from their hands in ascending order until all cards have been played.


But they cannot speak, gesture or give clues.

This means players are reduced to nonverbal communication.

It's all about trying to become one Mind, intuiting when to play the next card in the sequence.

At level 1 each player is dealt 1 card. Clear the level and its 2 cards each at level 2 and so on up to level 12.

It's almost impossible to describe how it feels to play this game. You just have to try it.

I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to successfully clear a level, and the one time we cleared level 12 was an incredible moment!

Highly recommended.

 - Bucks