Dec. 27, 2020

Bonus Episode: Patreon Ep 19 - Wonder Woman 1984 Review (SPOILERS)

Bonus Episode: Patreon Ep 19 - Wonder Woman 1984 Review (SPOILERS)

Special Guests: Melissa Sloter and Spoiler Steve

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Heroes Of Noise.
As a little holiday gift to the HON Community we're making this Patreon episode available to the public. In other words, there's no paywall so feel free to enjoy it. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting Heroes of Noise on Patreon. Now then, let's get to those show notes:
 Hey it's Dan.  Welcome to Episode 19!
   On the last Patreon episode of 2020 we bring in friends of the show Melissa Sloter from Wild Pretty Things podcast as well as Spoiler Steve from Scene-it Cast to review "Wonder Woman 1984", which dropped on Christmas Day in theaters as well as HBO Max. 
Before we get down to business we spend a little time catching up on the recent holiday, I talk about how I almost burned my house down on Christmas night, Steve and Melissa do the MGK discussion that had to happen, as Steve has gone at him pretty hard in the past. No offense to my partner in crime, but I do love that Melissa gives it right back to him when he goes at MGK. Spoiler Steve is also a favorite when it comes to debating movies with us and that's why we love having him on. All in all... great guests.
When we get to WW84, we don't break it down scene by scene, but you should be aware that we do spoil the shit out of it. So if you haven't watched it yet it's probably best to skip this one until you do. Mostly because of spoilers, but opinions fly like gnats on this episode so we'd hate to be responsible for any bias we may cause.
2021 is here and we now have our bearings. Let's do things right this year so that we can once again celebrate socially with no threat or stigma. It's time for an HON meetup and there's no way that's happening until we get back to normal. It's been said close to 180 times, but now more than ever we need to be good to ourselves and be good to the people around you.
 Happy New Year
*Podcaster's note: This is the last episode we'll be recording with Zencastr. I wasn't very happy with the sound on this one and the lag was terrible so I had to edit more than I cared to. In fact, I've never been happy with Zencastr but it did come in handy at times. Going forward we'll be utilizing Riverside FM, which is a similar, but better quality podcasting platform whenever we're joined by guests. It will also give us the capability to live stream and take calls -ins from our listeners. More on that later.


Spolier Steve

Host of Scene-it Cast podcast