April 26, 2020

Episode 109 - Devs, Too Hot To Handle, Darwin's Game, and Battle Royale

Episode 109 - Devs, Too Hot To Handle, Darwin's Game, and Battle Royale

Special Guest: Nana Pratt from the Blerds R' Us Podcast and Steve's Chair

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Greetings, Citizens!

Welcome to Episode 109. We know we're late but we had some technical difficulties with the audio on this episode. You'll notice the audio will sound completely different at the second half. This is because we had to utilize a back up recording and basically "Frankenstein" tracks together. That said, it's the complete show and we hope you still enjoy it.

This week we're joined by our bruv from across the pond. Mr Nana Pratt stopped by to chat it up with us, answer some listener mail, and do some reviews. This week we're talking Devs, Too Hot To Handle, Darwin's Game, and Battle Royale. 

It's always a pleasure talking to Nana and this week was no different. We'll let you get to it because again, we're tardy. We hope you enjoy this week's episode and want to let you know that we'll be dropping to separate shows this week, so watch your feeds. Peace!


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Parents with little ones should check out Littlecrown's Storyhouse on Facebook. This is a show hosted by Nana's partner Delvene and she's great at what she does.

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Nana Pratt


Long time listener and friend of the show. host of the podcast Blerds R Us