July 4, 2020

Episode 118 - Exhibit A, Crazy Delicious, Hamilton, Warrior Nun, Yummy, and The Golden Glove

Episode 118 -  Exhibit A, Crazy Delicious, Hamilton, Warrior Nun, Yummy, and The Golden Glove

Special Guest: Quinton Taylor Roberts From The Reel Zodiac Podcast

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* Right at the top we want to say that this episode was riddled with audio problems. For whatever reason everyone came in way too hot. We did all we could to correct it. It's still listenable. We're just acknowledging the sub par audio. That said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Episode 118.

This week we're once again joined by Quinton Taylor Roberts From The Reel Zodiac Podcast. It's always great talking Quinton and this episode was no different.  Be sure to subscribe to The Reel Zodiac everywhere podcasts can be heard. No, literally subscribe to this podcast on all available platforms and then listen to each one. Let's get those numbers up.

Here's some of what you'll get on this week's episode:

  • One joke failure and one joke victory
  • Where did Reel Zodiac go and what's inshore for the future? 
  • The sad death of Carl Reiner
  • We asked for iTunes Reviews and you came through (Thank you)
  • Steve once again tries to defend The Monster Project
  • We create the next huge streaming service on the fly

  • A whole lot of respect for The Beatles

  • Digital vs Physical Movies: a cautionary tale

We spend some time talking about what we've been watching this week (shocker, right?)

  • Steve is scarred by Exhibit A ( Amazon Prime Video)
  • Quinton shows some love for Crazy Delicious (Netflix)
  • Dan watched the first half of Hamilton (Disney+)
  • We've each seen some or all of Warrior Nun
  • We've all seen the Shudder original Yummy and have some things to say about it.
  • Quinton gives his thoughts on The Golden Glove (Shudder)

That's the show, Ladies and Gents. We hope you enjoy it. If you're listening on the day it drops and celebrate the 4th of July then we wish you a happy and safe time. Hold on to those fingers and please don't be an asshole to your neighbors. Peace!


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