April 10, 2018

Episode 23 - Ready Player One *SPOILERS*

Episode 23 - Ready Player One *SPOILERS*


Just in case you haven’t gotten the message , this episode contains multiple spoilers. It’s not a breakdown, but rather just us talking about what comes to mind organically.  That said, we do talk reveals and such. Like.. pretty much from the start.

Wait until you’ve seen Ready Player One and then give this one a listen. That’s pretty much it. No news or anything. Sometimes we like to dedicate a show to a big movie. 

*Stick around after the outro (00:02:17) as our boys Johnny Bucks and Mick C from the U.K. drop in for an “after show” and give there thoughts on Ready Player One as well. Thanks guys! 

Heroes of Noise will be back next week doing our regular thing. Talk to you then. Peace.

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