Feb. 27, 2019

Episode 57 - The End To The Trilogy

Episode 57 - The End To The Trilogy

But Wait...It Gets Worse

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Greetings, citizens! First and foremost we're sorry you didn't get this episode much earlier. We recorded it on Sunday. Folks...this episode was a BITCH to put up. From technical difficulties while recording, to file problems, to computer problems...it was like it didn't want to be put out. Nevertheless, here it is. The last in the trilogy of Steve's "hangups". We wanted to call it "The Babadook Series" (you'll hear why), but that would be false advertising to any new listeners. That's just a small part of this episode though.

Here are just a few things we discuss:

  • Attention Deficit Order's introduction of "Duck Butter" to us.
  • Jason Mamoa vs Lenny Kravitz: whose got worse Duck Butter
  • The coolness factor of Billy Dee Williams
  • Listener mail / voicemail
  • The joy of kegeling
  • Catching "The Babadook"
  • Wedding songs
  • The Billy Joel concert fiasco
  • The fantastic weekend of Johnny Bucks
  • The podcast family
  • Steve's definition of a "quickie"

 And there's plenty more. Seriously.

 So for now, sit back, press "play" and enjoy the ridiculousness that is Heroes of Noise Episode 57.


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