June 21, 2019

Episode 73 - Boar, Murder Mystery, Jokoy Comin In Hot, Euphoria, I Am, and The Dead Don't Die

Episode 73 - Boar, Murder Mystery, Jokoy Comin In Hot, Euphoria, I Am, and The Dead Don't Die

To Pee On A Lion

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Welcome to Episode 73.

This week we beat the summer blues in this hot city by getting our minds on several things:

First off we're already talking about Halloween again and we bring bup our Halloween bugaboos. Dan's one step closer to Christopher Walken. We've got new tees for sale and we want to tell you about them. We have some unfortunate news about our upcoming The Boys podcast, but we have a very good reason for it. 

Before we get into what we've watched this week, things go in an odd direction for a bit. We love bringing up old shit and it leads to a debate of sorts regarding a past conversation about Nine Inch Nails followed by another debate about past behavior. It's not a boring conversation and we learn is not afraid to "pee on a lion".

Here's what we've been watching:

Boar (Netflix) Murder Mystery (Netflix), Jokoy- Comin In Hot (Netflix), Euphoria (HBO), and The Dead Don't Die (In Theaters now).

Dan also gives a very brief review of I Am Mother, also on Netflix


We hope you enjoy this week's episode and thanks for waiting an extra day for it. Have a great weekend!

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