Aug. 1, 2019

Episode 79 - The Noise Talks “The Boys”

Episode 79 - The Noise Talks “The Boys”

With Special Guest Johnny Bucks

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  • Greetings to the Heroes of Noise Community for the second time this week.  Welcome to Episode 79. We brought a friend a long for this one in the form of one Johnny Bucks.

This week we devote an entire episode to the adaptation of Garth Ennis' The Boys, which was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. This show was tailor made for us and we seriously could go on and on about it. However, we decided to keep this to mostly non-spoilers so that the people that haven't seen it yet, or perhaps the ones that are swayed by this podcast will go in fresh. There are a couple moments where we do get into spoilers but we do give you warning so you can jump ahead if you want to.

We quickly found that one episode is not nearly enough time to talk about all of the things we wanted to. Outside of spoilers, there's just so many things we want to directly compare to the comic, then there's theories and predictions, etc. Needless to say we will be addressing all of this on future episodes.

We hope you enjoy the conversation that we had about this amazing new show. So much to the point that you feel compelled to watch it. Warning: It's not for everyone.

That said, it's time to do your thing and put us in your ears now. We'll talk to everyone next week when we drop our 80th episode (we're getting close to 100. how's that for some impressive math?).

Ok everyone, dig in. 🤘🏽✊🏾

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