Dec. 4, 2019

Episode 90 - Servant, Queen and Slim, Knives Out, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Episode 90 -  Servant, Queen and Slim, Knives Out, A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Special Guest: Brian From Pop Culture Leftovers

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Greetings Citizens! Dan here.

This week we have a special episode for you as Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers pays us a visit. Brian has been a good friend to the show so naturally we couldn't help making him uncomfortable by throwing praise at him. To be fair, that's putting it lightly. But once we got that out of the way and we opened up the conversation, it literally went everywhere. No joke. From Batman to basketball. ( I sneak out here as I don't talk basketball. Sports talk isn't my thing. Fuck you. 😜)

Seriously though, a little bit of everything is talked about on this episode. If you're listening at work this is definitely one you'll want to have headphones on for. Let's just say that.  I realize that's usually the case thanks to me but add Brian to the mix?!  Forget about it.

Once we got into what we've been watching, the topics were as follows:

The Movies That Made Us, Dr Stone , Watchmen , Servant, Queen and Slim, Knives Out, and A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood . There's actually more but you'll just have to listen to find out about those as the rest our woven in and out of a 3.5 hour conversation. There's actually some good information on here for new podcasters as well. We may have made Brian squirm a little but I think we all touched on some valid issues that podcasters deal with every day. Particularly the new ones. Alright. Blah blah blah. Push "Play" and all that. Let's go.


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