Jan. 30, 2020

Episode 97 - Mac & Cheese Science, The Death of Nancy Drew, The Future of Batman, and 1917

Episode 97 - Mac & Cheese Science, The Death of Nancy Drew, The Future of Batman, and 1917

Special Guest: Rebekah Dahling of Picardcast

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  Greetings Citizens!

Welcome to the second show this week (Yes, we know we didn't get one out last week but just go with it). This week we're not alone as we're joined by Rebekah Dahling from The Animated Batcast, Number One Comic Books, Multiple appearances on Pop Culture Leftovers, and she's also the cohost of the Picardcast, which focuses on the brand new series on CBS All Access.

  Listen in as we talk about the art of good Mac and Cheese, what happens when there's too much Jägermeister involved, The Nancy Drew situation at Dynamite comics, The problem with Batman these days and our expectations for Matt Reeve's "The Batman", Tips for a new comic reader, and a 90s pop culture quiz for Rebekah (Note: There is a factual error in this quiz on our part. Can you find it? Email us at heroesofnoisepodcast@gmail.com and give us. your answer)

Lastly we give our thoughts on Sam Mendez new movie 1917

*We normally don't include our ratings in the show notes. But since we totally forgot to rate this one, we all gave it a 5 out of 5 buckets of mystery milk

We want to thank Rebekah for joining us this week. It's always fun recording with her. We hope you enjoy the show and we'll be back next week with episode 98. 


You can find Rebekah at:

Number One Comic Books

The Animated Batcast


Find her on Twitter at @dollfacerebekah


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