Needed another 5 Star just right Quick

Love the show and need you all to know, I still hate Steve for getting tickets to see Sir Paul McCartney but I won’t let that deter me from loving the show. You guys are the bomb! Keep killin’ it boys!

Must listen

Best laugh on any podcast! Great chemistry, an very enjoyable listen

Great chemistry between the hosts

I started listening to Heroes of Noise after Dan saw I liked Duran Duran and suggested I check out their episode. Extremely well done episode on my favorite 80’s group. I’ve been listening pretty much ever since. Gotta say that I really love Steve & Dan’s friendly banter & their discussions. If I had to name a “downside” to the podcast? It would be how many times Dan’s train of thought seems to derail while relating a story or explaining something. But, they’re often entertaining and they make Steve laugh—-he has a great laugh. Keep up the great work!

Best of the Best!

Sometimes you stumble across people you gel with right away. It can be someone you work with, a cousin, or maybe even a couple of podcasters. Steve and Dan are the hosts of Heroes of Noise and since I started listening a few years ago, they've been with me through many good times and also some not so good times, and they have always helped me by listening to them week to week. I always appreciate their candor. The honesty, the humor, the intelligent conversations and deep thoughts, and the sometimes fun sophomoric humor that can emerge on any given podcast. Yes folks, they review things. Just like you're hanging out with a few friends and having conversations about the latest Star Wars movie or a new episode of a Marvel series or some random independent horror movie...but they are also passionate music fans and musicians. They don't pigeon-hole themselves into discussing just one or two things as they embrace anything interesting and have fearless discussions regarding them. This podcast is a 10 outta 10 and they constantly back that up!

One of the best shows out there.

Came across these guys from another podcast I listen to. Dan and Steve are amazing. The cocmoradery between the two is unmatched. I literally listened to them for 10hrs at work and will add them to my regular weekly listens and join the Patreon when I can. Keep up the good work guys.

So good it ruined my iPhone

Dan and Steve have so much charisma as hosts that some leaked out of my iPhone and broke my charging port. Give these guys a listen, well worth your time if your looking for great discussions about Movies, tv and some random life talk.

Just Listen

Hands down my favorite driving podcast. High quality production, loose formatting and amazing chemistry between the hosts are the hooks that kept me coming back. If you like podcasts with great sound quality and sounds like you are in the room with old friends talking about whatever is on your mind, this is the podcast for you. 5/5 Satanic portholes

All the good

Yo. This show has it all. I honestly forget what this show is about sometimes because in get caught up in the fun. I’m hooked. FFO: jokes 6th graders would get in trouble for, smart stuff, movies I guess?, falsetto laughs, impromptu voice effects and words that aren’t cuss words being used in place of cuss words. Don’t stop. Get it get it.

This Podcast has evolved

The evolution of this show is amazing! The way that they went from just having some conversations and the content mostly staying on the content was great but MAN now they have full on conversations that last a good hour. It’s great. Two guys just having fun. THEN they get to the content and it is just as exciting as them just talking about random stuff. Good on both of you! Keep it up!

Not all Heroes wear capes, but I think these do.

Dan and Steve have an amazing synergy. There is something special about each of them that create a podcast that is entertaining, informative and downright fun! One of the many things that I love and appreciate about this podcast is that often, when I'm having a not so great day, I can tune in to an episode of the podcast and find myself LITERALLY lauging out loud. Dan is quick-witted and talented. Steve is funny and intelligent. They are both amazing and this dynamic duo has a habit of saving the day and you can always count on Steve to resue a cat out of a tree, but also be quick to fight a kangaroo. I ENJOY THIS PODCAST SO MUCH! I'd give it TEN stars if I could.

Dan and Steve are awesome!

Heroes of Noise is more than a pop culture podcast. It’s about life. I love it. They are engaging and fun. They are knowledgeable and love pop culture. The reviews are spot-on and the guys are honest I’m their opinions. Give it a listen.

Relatable humor and great reviews

Dan and Steve have great chemistry and will have you laughing out loud each week! Love their reviews of everything pop culture - music, movies, streaming...they do not disappoint. Awesome fandom as well, keep it up boys!

Heroes of Podcasts!!!

I listen to only a handful of podcasts. I’ve tried dozens of different ones over the years, but for one reason or another they just didn’t do it for me. But Heroes of Noise has become one of ones I really look forward to listening to every week! Dan (da man) & Steve are hilarious & have really great camaraderie! They review movies, music and TV shows but also talk about various other topics & sometimes even do some trivia as well. Steve’s laugh is infectious & worth tuning in alone just for that, always puts me in a good mood…even if he thinks he somehow can beat Sylvester Stallone in a fight! LOL! And Dan's rock music knowledge runs deep & is great to get suggestions from for new music. There's even a Heroes of Noise Podcast community on Facebook. It's a great group to be in because you get to know others that listen to the show & we have a lot of fun talking to each other! I listen to the show while I’m working, makes the time fly by! I always look forward to the next episode!!!

The best time!!!

I love listening to my boys Dan and Steve...they have a chemistry truly envied and the fun I have as they review movies and TV and just life in general is one of the most joyous times every time an episode drops!!! Thanks for being awesome!!!

Pop Culture and music

I’m subscribed to multiple pop culture podcasts and didn’t think I could handle any more, but Heroes of Noise is worth the weekly listen. The big difference is you will find a heavy focus on music which no other pop culture pod focuses on. I’ve listened to many new bands I’m enjoying because of Dan and Steve’s suggestions. Dan and Steve are great together and seem like genuinely great guys. Give it a listen.

Always a pleasure

This podcast has become one of my must listens of the week. Chemistry between Steve and Dan is fantastic and love their takes on everything. Steve’s Wu Tang review is a must listen to even if his takes on Avatar and Tom Cruise are not. Dan’s taste is music is as eclectic as mine and his reviewers are level headed and thoughtful even if I don’t always agree with them. Stellar podcast by two guys who love talking about the things they love.

Bring the noise

Dan and Steve are sweet baby angels and they have an amazing chemistry together. It’s like listening to a morning radio show! Can’t recommend this enough whether it’s pop culture, music or just slice of life. These guys are your go to for quality entertainment!

Pure Excellence!

I just discovered this little gem. With some fun coverage of San Diego Comic Con as an appetizer, I was treated to a delicious main course of the Wu Tang Clan. Keep up the great work! With love, Domesticated Dave

The Heroes We Need Now

Dan and Steve have tremendous chemistry. Listen to the Heroes of Noise, people. You won’t be disappointed. Rock on, my friends. 🤘 PS. F*<k Weezer.

You need these heroes in your life.

Dan and Steve are awesome! They put out a great podcast every week. Funny, informative, and entertaining!!!

“We Can Be Heroes”

Love this pod! Dan and Steve are great together! This is my favorite non-Kevin Smith pop culture podcast. Truly anything can happen on the pod. I love that Dan and Steve keep it real about themselves and that they try to focus on promoting things they like rather than trashing things to get clicks. Not that they like everything, they just seem to be positive people and that comes through. I look forward to this podcast every week. Thanks Guys!

Love it

Herd you on PCL liking it 👍👍

Love this!

Heard about this show from PCL and Dan’s recent appearance. I’m loving this show and looking forward to more!

Amazing podcast by even more amazing guys

Been listen for awhile now. This show has a little bit of everything! Good info? ✅ knowledge about movies? ✅ pop culture?✅ Humor? ✅✅. Dan and Steve have amazing chemistry and always take time to answer people on twitter. They inspired me to start my own podcast and Dan has been a pleather if advice and support! Thx guys btw that Noisey episode?! 1️⃣1️⃣ our of 🔟

The heroes we need and deserve

I started listening to this podcast after Dan and I were guests on Pop Culture Leftovers. And boy am I kicking myself that I didn’t start listening sooner. Steve and Dan cover movies, comics, tv shows as well as music. Not only do they compliment each other perfectly, their chemistry is great, humor is spot on and I’m a big fan of Steve’s laugh! Listen to these guys for a bright spot of positivity in your week

Great people .

The hosts are great . Up beat very lively. These guys will keep you laughing .they Brighten up my day every time I listen. They are new but you would never know . Both good talents on the mic a must for any podcast fan . Chris “.attention deficit order podcast “


I heard about this podcast from pop culture leftovers and have been hooked ever since! Not only are these guys knowledgeable, but are so funny and charming. I love the side conversations, jokes, and content all together. I work 9 hour days at an office and they just brighten my day. Keep up the great work guys!


These guys both, know their stuff when it comes to all things fandom especially Marvel and the MCU. I first heard Dan and about the podcast from another podcast called PCL. Both are great podcasts that encourage me, make me proud to be an Uber need, and shamelessly be myself. With ya till the end of line Travis

Love the podcast

NOYNE.NOYNE out of 5 stars !!

It’s really, really good ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I love this show! ♥️ The hosts have great chemistry and have some fun conversations. The topics discussed are anything from comic books to being a vegan and that’s what I love. You never know what you’re going to get but it’s always worth listening to. Keep at it guys. Don’t quit.