Welcome to Episode 151

This week you get us twice. Did you listen to the bonus episode yet? If not, get on it. On this episode Professor Steve teaches the class what a "Milkshake Duck" is. FYI: Dan's been working an abnormal amount of days straight and is running on half a tank. 

When we get through with the formalities  we speak briefly about the Oscar nominations for 2021. We then dive straight into reviews. As promised, we have both seen the first 2 episodes of For All Mankind on AppleTV+. We had previously seen the first episode last year and didn't think much of it. What do we think now? We've both seen the AppleTV+ Original Calls and give our thoughts. Due to Dan's busy schedule this is all he was able to watch so Steve closes it out with reviews of The One (Now on Netflix), and Corporate Animals (Now streaming on Hulu).

That sums up the show for this week. We hope between this and the bonus episode you won't get sick of us. Space it out. We'll be back next week with another episode. Also, the video version of this episode should hit YouTube in the next day or 2 so look out for that.


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