Before we get to the formalities, we just want to acknowledge that the video editing on this episode is kinda all over the place. Lots of technical kinks on this episode but they're getting worked out for the next one. Now then..

Yo! Dan Here. Welcome to Episode 152.

Yes, the show is a few days late but I'll spare you the excuses and make sure to keep the show notes short. This week due to my crazy work schedule we kept this particular episode quite loose. As we do sometimes, we go all over the place talking about this and that.  However we do find our way back to give a review for Season 1 of For All Mankind on AppleTV+. We also put Earth, Wind, and Fire up against The Isley Brothers to see who comes out on top. It's that kind of show.

The good news is that work has let up a bit and I have some room to breathe so we'll be back with another, more structured episode for you in a few days.

As for this week I'm spent so pardon the abridged show notes. Besides don't you have a podcast to listen to? Press "play" already.

We'll talk to you soon.


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