Welcome to Episode 154

This week we start off by celebrating Steve's birthday. Steve talks about a very special gift ge got from his lady and we also spend some time listening to birthday voicemails from our friends and then we get back to the show. Seriously, he's had 42 other birthdays already. How much time do we have to spend on this? (Just kidding) Dan talks about his experience with Dogecoin, the recent pump from $.07 to $.47, and how it's going for him so far. Steve talks about Kevin Smith auctioning off his new film as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). We spend some time talking about the latest episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Invincible as well.

As far as what we've been watching:

Dan gives his review of Amazon Prime Video's "Them" Steve talks Creepshow Season 2 Dan is back on The Walking Dead after watching the latest episode entitled "Here's Negan" based on Negan's origin story. We both catch up on Invincible Lastly we give our thoughts on Paramount+ (Formerly CBS All Access) That's the show, ladies and gentlemen. Do with it what you will. We'll be back in your ears before you know it. Talk to you soon...