First off, if you're new to the show, this is not how we normally do the main podcast. This one is more like one of our pregames where we sit and chat about anything and everything. We were honestly just too busy this week to watch anything new. People ask us all the time how we're able to watch as much as we do. Here's the truth: Sometimes...we just can't. 

  That said, we didn't want to come off lazy. We had to at least put something down for you so in a moment of tackiness, we decided to "raw dog" and episode.  You'll even get a tutorial on cooking a rocking steak. We can't expect you to show up if we can't be consistent. We promise we'll be back next week with the goods, but for now please enjoy this longer version of one of our Pregames. 

BTW, what do you honestly think of our Pregame shows? We want to know if they're something you want us to continue with. We put out a call to our longtime listeners to answer this question. Don't be shy. Let us know.

 Lastly, pardon the tardiness but I made the switch from PC to Mac and got a new MacBook Pro. There was a bit of a learning curve using Logic Pro X to edit the show. Someone almost found a free Macbook laying on the side of the road. I swear this almost didn't come out. Sorry in advance if there are some mistakes. I promise I'll get back on track.

  And now... Episode 25: The Episode That Almost Wasn't