What’s up, everyone ? Dan here. The fact that you’re reading this is amazing to me. I’ve been editing podcasts since 2005. THIS SHOW... was the absolute worst experience I’ve ever had editing.  I recently switched from PC to Mac. Easy enough. But I f***ed up. To spare you the long story, I made a mistake and did something that  PCs say “no problem” to but Macs say “no dice.” to. I had to edit this show (the longest show we’ve ever done) THREE TIMES!!!

Anyway.. sorry for the tardiness. I realize you may have heard a million reviews already but if you're down for one more, It’s time to talk Infinity War. This week, we have Johnny Bucks with us and he kills it. Steve is only around for half the show but also kills it. I’ll be honest: They we’re so good that after editing this so many times, I found out that I listened more than I spoke.  Johnny and I bring it home for the second half. 

 AIW was such an amazing movie that we had to do a long show this time. If you managed to make it all the way through, we thank you. 

ALSO: Make sure to stick around for The Big MC as he gives us his abridged thoughts as well. It's right after the outro.

 Now, Friends...... Please enjoy Episode 27- Avengers: Infinity War.


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