We're not going to lie to you: The first hour of this podcast has absolutely NOTHING to do with our advertised content. We ended up putting our pregame at the top of the show. No worries though if you're only here for the pop culture. We've got you covered. We've included a timeline so you can jump to where you want to be. But seriously, why would you do that? 

This week on Heroes of Noise we discuss Marvel's Cloak and Dagger, Cargo, The final verdict on Sweetbitter and yes, there  is a lengthy debate on this, we give you a spoiler-free preview of the first 3 episodes of PREACHER season 3, and Dan is beyond stoked for Coheed and Cambria's new single " The Dark Sentencer".

When all is said and done, we think we've given you an entertaining 3 hours for your commute and/or work day. We hope you enjoy. 


00:00:00 - Intro

00:01:01 - Dan has has a week to say the least

00:13:10 - We are being eradicated

00:16:00 - An uncomfortable conversation about aliens 

00:45:46 - Contact Info

00:46:38 - Marvel's Cloak and Dagger

01:03:34 - Cargo

01:33:10 - Dan's final verdict on Sweetbitter...The debate continues 

02:03:16 - PREACHER Season 3 spoiler free preview

02:14:34 - Coheed and Cambria's "The Dark Sentencer"

The Amory Wars digital comic series

02:19:58 - A very brief discussion about "Upgrade"

02:23:32 - Ladies and Gentlemen...The Amazing Steve

02:37:42 - Entertainment News

03:05:12 - Outro




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