People of Earth: Your friendly neighborhood Heroes of Noise are back once again. This week we have a lot of show for you. You know we got to get our tangents in, and this week will be no different. This time we get into some weird shit. Steve introduces Dan to ASMR and the topic of foot herpes (is that a thing?) comes up. 

We also discuss  Eighth Grade, The Purge TV Series, Paradise PD, Terrifier, Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and Summer of 84

Lastly, we have a new segment for you called "TRAX......TO THE FUTURE..." (It'll make sense later). In this segment you get a little P.M Dawn and then some Slayer. No, seriously. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Heroes of Noise and we hope you love this week's show. If it hits you right, please don't hesitate to tell a friend. Now, then...Let's do this. In your ears we go!

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