Ladies and Gentlemen, The Heroes of Noise are back with yet another podcast. We've got no plans of stopping either.  Not too many reviews this week but we do get into a discussion about Dan's Sons of Anarchy Rewatch and his feelings about Mayans MC so far. He also gives his first impressions of the launch of DC Universe and his love of retro tv that includes Superfriends as well as 1975's Wonder Woman starring Linda Carter. Steve brings the new Amazon series Forever to the discussion as well.

Now even though we discuss fewer shows than we normally do, there's still plenty talked about as the show clocks in at over 2.5 hours. Come's US. This is what we do.  Plenty of tangents covering everything from A family scare for Dan, Steve and Dan aging, Dan talking like an old man, Steve ponders whether dogs feel love, and we also get into a moment of wokeness. 

Lastly, Henry Cavill leaves Superman and Michael B. Jordan steps up? 

We hope you enjoy this week's episode. Welcome to our new listeners that heard Dan on Pop Culture Leftovers Episode 249. We hope you stick around. Ok, enough formalities. Let's do this.

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