Welcome to Episode 199!

This week we devote our entire show to Ryan Coogler's "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever". We've both seen it twice now and we coudnt wait to turn on the mics and let you know what we thought of the newest edition to the MCU. We give our likes and dislikes, speculate the fu…

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Happy Halloween and welcome to Episode 198: Geek Out / Freak Out V

This one was starting off to be a bigger show but 34 minutes into "recording" we noticed that we weren't actually recording at all. So consequently we had to start all over again. This episode will be a little shorter than our p…

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Heroes of Noise. This is another peak at what we're doing over on Patreon. For Episode 48 we're joined by our friend Chris Lowe of the band Volk. This episode starts off with a "cold open" as we're mid conversation when the intro ends. It was originally going to be…

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On this special bonus episode of Heroes of Noise we're joined by returning guests and friends of the show Ben Rock and Bob DeRosa.

Ben and Bob were kind enough to take the time to talk with us about their brand new Audible story "Catchers". We spend time talking about the ins and outs of their …

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Welcome to Episode 197

It's time for another episode of Heroes of Noise, people. We hope you're all doing well. We cover a lot over the next 90 minutes so lets get to the notes. Jere's what we're talking about on this episode:

A day at the fair Lukewarm D? Werewolf By Night Review (Disne…

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Welcome to Episode 196

We have a fun show for you today. At least we think we do because we were feeling great when the mics turned on. It's October and we're always in a good mood during the spookiest time of the year. It means we get to talk more Horror than usual and that's always a plus for…

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Yo! Dan here. Welcome to Episode 195!

As many of you know I just had shoulder surgery so I'm currently getting used to doing everything with just one hand, hence the shorter show notes and lack of artwork. Here's what we're talking about on this episode:

Don’t snort glass Dan's Surgery Up…

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Heroes of Noise

As stated on the las episode, we want to fill our biweekly gaps by releasing some content that some of you haven't heard before. That comes in the form of older Patreon episodes. This does two things: It gives you some content to tide you overfor th…

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Welcome to Episode 194

It's been a few weeks since we dropped a new episode and we're glad to be back. Last weekend a special thing happened and we chose to devote this episode to it. We're referring to the "Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert" that took place at Wembley Stadium and streamed live on…

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Welcome to a bonus episode of Heroes of Noise.

We've been putting more effort into our Patreon channel lately and we'd love for you to join in on the fun. This was originally a Patreon exclusive episode, but we wanted to let people have a listen to just some of what we're doing over there.

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Welcome to Episode 193

This week we have reviews for Jordan Peele's "Nope" (now in theaters) as well Dan Trachtenberg's "Prey", the prequel to "Predator" (now streaming on Hulu). But before we get to all of that, here's what we're talking about on this episode. Also, pardon the audio clipping o…

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Welcome to Episode 192

We're happy to be back in your ears and this is what we're talking about this week:

Poor translations Dan needs surgery Steve goes to the Van Gogh Exhibit Travel aspirations No dice on the Taylor Hawkins Memorial Concert Stylin and Meanwhilin Reviews:

Dan revie…

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Welcome to Episode 191

We'll keep the notes short this week as we're a couple of days late. We mostly have a lot of reviews on this one. Here's what we're talking about:

Mic issue right off the bat "Tik Talk" We review "Top Gun: Maverick" Steve's seen "The Offer" on Paramount+ We review O…

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Welcome to a "fun sized" Episode 190

We had a bit of a time restrictiction this week so we are admittedly bringing you a shorter show. But it's us and you know we got you.

We do manage to squeeze in a few mini reviews of what we've been watching the past week (At least some of it).But befo…

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Welcome back! We're so excited to bring this bonus episode to you. This is literally the most fun we've had doing an "interview". Why the quotation marks? It's because it didn't feel like an interview to us. This was like chatting with an old friend once we got going. As a bonus, our good friend …

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Welcome to Episode 189

Like the song says, it's been a while. Biyt after a month off we're back and ready to entertain you. However before we get into any reviews here's what we discuss:

Dan poses a personal question Porn Stars are great podcasters. Steve’s Paul Mccartney experience A diff…

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Welcome to Episode 188

We recorded this last week but couldn't get it out to you until now so we wont f*ck about with a bunch of pleasantries. Let's just get to it. Here's what we're talking about on this episode:

Vinyl Records Yard Sale war stories Thai food recommendation Happy birthday …

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Welcome to Episode 187!

Please forgive the tardiness on this one. It was a busy week for Dan and due to a couple of start / stops while recording, this episode needed some slight editing.

* No content was edited other than taking out a few long pauses. Now then...

Here's what we're talk…

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Welcome to Episode 186

It's been a week when it comes to news, but two stories really stood out. They were of course Will Smith attacking Chris Rock at the Oscars and the tragic death of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. That said, we decided to make this episode exclusively about these part…

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Welcome to Episode 185

This week we decided do a non-review episode so we just turned on the mics and let it rip. Sometimes good things happen when we go off the cuff and this week it worked in our favor (at least we thought so).

Because we just decided to riff, Gamemaster Hudson introduces…

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Welcome to Episode 183

This week we have several reviews for you. Some of them are on the shorter side, but we wanted to leave some room on the back end to talk about a little independent movie that came out last week called 'The Batman'. As usual before we get to the reviews we gotta get some …

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Welcome to Episode 182!

This week before we get into what we've been watching, we start off with a music conversation and more. Here's some of what we talk about:

Steve’s seeing Paul Mccartney Billy Joel hates Dan Jodeci, Scissor Sisters, NKOTB James Gandolfini villains vs Joe Pesci Villan…

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Welcome to the 2022 HON Noisey Award!

It's been a while since we've done one of these as Covid kind killed the vibe in 2021. But we're back for 2022!

We have a special show lined up for you with laughs, surprises, and some very special guests. This show was recorded "live" at the "Covid Cab…

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Welcome to Episode 180.

This one was recorded a couple of days ago. But due to Omicron knocking out Dan's whole department at work (except Dan), he's been very busy this week. It's also why we have a shorter show for you this week. But don't fret, you get all of our regular absurdity in this co…

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