Welcome to Episode 180.

This one was recorded a couple of days ago. But due to Omicron knocking out Dan's whole department at work (except Dan), he's been very busy this week. It's also why we have a shorter show for you this week. But don't fret, you get all of our regular absurdity in this co…

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Welcome to Episode 179

This week we're giving you a whole other hour just because. We turned on the mics and it turned out we had a bunch to talk about. You basically get a whole other show before we get to reviews. We've got some ground to cover so let's get to some of what we're talking about…

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Happy New Year and welcome to Episode 178!

2022 is upon us and who knows what's going to happen this year. Too early to tell. what we can tell you though is we think you'll enjoy our first episode of the year. Here's what we're talking about:

We start things up with a conversation about Ho…

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Welcome go Episode 177

* This episode was actually recorded on Dec 16th. Due to some serious audio lag it required a little editing to get the conversation to line up (lots of talking over each other). It's mostly fixed but you may hear a little of that on this one. That combined with a busy wo…

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Welcome to Episode 176

This week, outside of a little unrelated banter at the top of the show we're dedicating our time to The Beatles: Get Back (now streaming on Disney+). We're also joined by Quinton Roberts of the Reel Zodiac podcast. It wouldn't have been appropriate for us to not include Q…

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Welcome to a tardy Episode 175

This episode would've been out a couple of days ago but I had some issues with the files . That combined with real life work put this on the back burner for a minute. My apologies.

Now then... Here's what we're talking about this week:

Razzling and Dazzli…

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Welcome to Episode 172

As we continue with our "Thrillers, Chillers, and Killers" run for the month of October, we had the opportunity to sit down with someone that covers all the bases. This week filmmaker Brandon Christensen, writer and director of 'Superhost', 'Z', and "Still/Born' joins us for…

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Welcome to Episode 174

This week we're joined by Chris Lowe from Cow Punk legends in the making, Volk. We've been wanting to talk with Chris for quite some time now and were glad we finally got to as Chris is not only a true talent, but also a man with a lot on his mind. Also, we LOVE talking m…

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Greetings, Foolish Mortals....

Welcome to Episode 173: Geek Out / Freak Out 4. It's one of favorite shows to record every year and we always try to do something different. For 2021, not only do we bring you reviews of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" (1981) and John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982, Dan al…

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Welcome to Episode 172

As we continue with our "Thrillers, Chillers, and Killers" run for the month of October, we had the opportunity to sit down with someone that covers all the bases. This week filmmaker Brandon Christensen, writer and director of 'Superhost', 'Z', and "Still/Born' joins us …

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Welcome to Episode 171

This week we keep the opening banter short and get to what we've been watching over the past week a little quicker. This week it's all about thrillers and killers. Dan gives 2 quick reviews for movies Steve hasn't seen yet. The first being the Netflix original "There's S…

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Welcome to Episode 170

This week Dan is back on his bullshit with his 3d printer and talks about his recent creations, We've both been stood up by Steve's son as he decided to take his new girlfriend to Halloween Horror Nights instead of come with us. We also continue our discussion about pla…

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Welcome to Episode 169!

last episode was a bit of a false start, as we thought we were back in business. Unfortunately Dan got pretty sick and had to take a couple more weeks off. But he's back, he's better, and ready to do what HON does, which brings us to the next paragraph.

Here's some o…

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Welcome to Episode 168!

After a month-long absence HON is back. This week we do some necessary catching up as we haven't really spoken much over our hiatus. Here's a bit of what we're talking about in this one:

Do we have Covid? Ball Shaving Steve thinks Dan is an Antimasker after his Cohe…

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Welcome to Episode 167

This week we start off talking about music pretty much from the get go. We discuss recording "artist" DaBaby. It's mostly us making fun of his name, but this leads us into one of our "Old Men on New Music" discussions.

Also on the show, Dan comes to the realization t…

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Welcome to Episode 165

In our continued scramble for a normalized recording schedule, we waited until Sunday to record this episode. We both needed to see "Black Widow" and couldn't let the episode happen without talking about it.

This week we not only have a "Black Widow" review for you bu…

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Welcome to Episode 164

(Recorded 7/4/21)

We hope everyone had a great Independence Day (if you're American, that is). If you're not American than we hope you had a great weekend just the same.

On this weeks show we bring you 4 reviews:

Dan gives his thoughts on the Netflix series …

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Welcome to a snack-sized episode of HON

Episode 163 clocks in at just over an hour, but we think it feels like a good 90 minutes. Quality over quantity, ya know?

Before we get into what we've watched over the past week, a few subjects are discussed. Some of them include:

Rude questio…

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Yo! Dan here. Welcome to a special bonus episode of Heroes of Noise.

On this episode I, along with Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers and Brooke Daugherty from The Picardcast sit down with Paris Themmen, better known as Mike Teavee from #WillyWonkaandtheChocolateFactory. We talk about all things …

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Welcome to Episode 161

Pardon the tardiness. This was meant to come out a little earlier but it didn't due to internet issues. Anyway, we'll keep the notes short.

This week we hit you with the following reviews:

Steve's watched Gangs of London (AMC) and gives his thoughts Dan has seen …

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Welcome to Episode 160 This one starts out on an interesting note as Steve and Dan discuss a suture Alanis Morissette concert date. We'll leave it at that and let you listen. But yes, the frustration in Dan's voice is real. This wasn't for entertainment purposes, we assure you. What are your thou…

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Welcome to Episode 159.

After a week off we're back with a little bit of a shorter show. Unfortunately Steve was pressed for time this week so we pretty much try to get everything that we watched tis week into the conversation right from jump. What you're getting this week is a bunch of quick r…

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Welcome to Episode 158

This week we start things off talking about the new CDC guidelines and what they mean to us. From there, as usual, we go all over the place. Here are some of the topics we discuss this week:

A Den, A Study, and a Hairless Cat

The end of the phrase "Master Bedr…

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Welcome to Episode 157

This week we get to talking right away and start the conversation talking colleges and cruise ships, Steve's has recruited a maid service and shares his experience with that, Ben Affleck has new dating woes even though he's freaking Ben Affleck, and then we somehow find a…

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